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Error code 67 and or plus code 3011


Error code 67 and or plus code 3011

This code means SPRINT has turn off your service by mistake or for not making your monthly payment in full that month.

if your service is turn off by mistake YOU MUST CALL SPRINT they will reset your phone and most likely everything will be fine,

but if it is for NOT MAKING A FULL PAYMENT THAT MONTH, you must make a payment arrengement with SPRINT
(make sure you can make that payment by the time you promise)

otherways SPRINT WILL DISCONNECT your phone plus they will charge you a $36.00 reconnection fee.

SPRINT accepts your partial payment but is not good enough to keep your service running without interruption
unless if you make that phone call and make that promise when will you pay the rest.
As for me that is one more excuse NOT TO RENEW my contract with sprint

there are plenty of cell carriers today is not like in the past were we where stuck with 3 carriers
most other cel carriers offer the same or better deal like sprint does.
so watch out SPRINT you might be running out of custumer in the near future if you continue enforcing this practices,

i know for sure i will be one of those customers WHEN MY CONTRACT EXPIRES.then you be begging me to come back to you.

Oh sweet revenge,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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