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Every call drops!! Zip 45440


Every call drops!! Zip 45440

I'm really about to switch to another provider due to all the problems I've been having the past year. The problems started when I had my Samsung Moment.. I had to go into the service store 4 times the last 5 months I had the phone and so when my contract was up I felt I should give Sprint another try and get an Evo Shift. Now every call I've made gets dropped. I've tried to reset my phone.. take out the battery.. put it back in then wait for 15 mins before doing anything with the phone, and still, DROPPED calls. I've looked at AT&T and Verizon and their prices arent even that much more expensive now that Sprint decided to make changes to employee discounts so my bills gone up $35/month. Even with their data cap at least I wouldnt have to worry about not making phone calls. I can't even call Sprint to talk about my service problem. Not happy at all!

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Re: Every call drops!! Zip 45440

I've just signed up with Sprint and I am experience a high volume of dropped calls. The funny things is that I came from Boost Mobile and hardly ever had any dropped calls. The 3G on the Iphone 4 S is horrible, not even half a 1Mbps.

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