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Extremely slow data service


Extremely slow data service


When I first bought an Evo a couple of months ago, I consistently got 1.5mb+ download speeds, with latency around 120ms, at both my home, and my work which is 45 miles away. Ever since about 3 weeks ago, data service in both locations has tanked. At home I can get upwards of 0.3mb. At work, 0.1 to 0.2 if I'm lucky. I've gone from having a solid 3g connection, to having my phone (particularly at work) bouncing between 3g and 1xRTT, which raises my latency upwards of 1000ms, and the down speed to 0.02mb. I've called Sprint 5 times, and they've done everything from resend profile information, update PRL, to resetting the phone, to ##rtm# resetting, to doing service requests for cell sites, all to no avail. I've even gone as far as to exchange the EVO for a new one, at the suggestion of both a retail store tech, and a CS rep on the phone. No change.

My home is in 92505 (Riverside, CA), closest major cross streets are Magnolia and Tyler. It is listed as being in the "Best" coverage area.

My work is in 92657 (Newport Coast, CA), closest major cross streets are Newport Coast drive and San Joaquin Hills, though I'm up the hill a bit from this. On the map, I'm sitting right on the edge of "Best" and "Good".

Both are listed as being in the Sprint 3G Network.

Just to reiterate, I did not have this problem in either location when I originally got the phone; it's only been this way for the last 3 weeks or so. I briefly had the Hotspot feature, but the speed was so atrocious that it simply wasn't worth the $30/mo.

If anyone can look into this, I'd really appreciate it.


Re: Extremely slow data service

I had the same problem today, I was getting below .8 mbps when i usually get 1.5-2+ mbps. This was especially annoying because this was the first time I took my evo out for internet tethering. I might have a solution or it was just my luck. I attempted to fix the problem first by restarting my phone, nothing happen then later that night I shut down my phone, I took out the battery and poked at the metal springs that touches the battery on the phone (probably irrelevant but just want to let you know clearly what I did). I put the battery back in and started up my evo and to my surprised I was once again received 2+ mbps!


Re: Extremely slow data service

An interesting thing happened today.

I come into work, and my phone alerts me that there's 4G available. Sure enough, it connects and pulls about 4mb down.

Maybe all the 3G issues all over are a consequence of them working on 4G?

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