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Fire Island and Battery Park - New York City


Fire Island and Battery Park - New York City

Dear Sprint,

Your coverage is absolutely frustrating. I work in Downtown Manhattan and I have zero to no coverage (voice, text, and data). My coworkers with AT&T and Verizon and even T-Mobile have full coverage all the time. Roaming is a joke and DOES NOT WORK. I go to Fire Island to vacation (still NYC metro area) and I have ZERO coverage, the agent at the store in Long Island tells me (Sprint will not put a tower on FI because it is not worth is); interpretation (Sprint cares about taking your money but not giving you good service). I pay for 4G and all I have is 3G. LTE seems like will never ever happen if the basic phone service that suppose to have full coverage in every corner on the biggest city in the USA fails to cover huge part of it. I've been with Sprint for almost three years now and the original promise was that the bill will dynamically be adjusted after a while of being Sprint as a loyal customer for a while, guess what! This was 100% true, it keeps on adjusting to be more and more expensive; I think in a couple of years I'll be paying $1000 per month. Only reason why I chose Sprint is the unlimited data plan, thanks to the "fantastic" coverage there is no data coverage to use the plan anyways.

I do not recommend any person to subscribe with Sprint, any other service provider, even the small ones, are doing a better job and providing better service.

If this dire situation is not changing very soon I most definitely will go to a competitor service provider and will recommend everybody within my close and far reach to do so too.

I hope someone can address my concerns immediately!

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