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Full to "No service" issue lingering in 66206


Full to "No service" issue lingering in 66206

Help!  I went from great, full coverage in my house to on again, off again, off again, on again  coverage in one day (address = 8349 overbrook rd, leawood KS 66206; cell:[...]; the cell site covering my house is at 8140 Ward Parkway which is also the Applebee's corporate HQ as of 2 weeks ago). My husband and daughter also have Sprint phones and are having the same problem (ph: [...])

I started having spotty/no coverage at my house last week and logged a ticket with customer care. The issue seemed to clear up except for some blocked/network busy calls during peak hours...then today, I was unable to make a call, text or web connection from approx 5-8:30pm.  This is my ONLY phone.  It is used as my main work number and personal number. What is going on?????  I don't want to leave Sprint but I have to have a phone that is reliable for my business and Sprint is costing me business at this point.  Thanks for your help, Sara

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Full to "No service" issue lingering in 66206


I apologize that you are experiencing these issues. I would be happy to assist you with this. I will be sending you a private message to obtain additional information so that I may investigate this issue.


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