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Getting new towers


Getting new towers

I just got Sprint service and I have 2 main problems...

First, my city Flora, IL the coverage map goes from Great to fair in a ring around the entire city limit of Flora. and trust me it is the truth, it goes from great full bars to literally 1 bar in a few blocks around the fringe of town. My advice to Sprint is to have someone drive around town and you'd see that as soon as you get off Hwy 50 and go into town (and this isn't a small town either, at least on Southern Illinois' standards) your coverage will quickly go from rock hard steady to 1 bar. also I think Sprint should think seriously about either replacing towers or adding towers in our area. I have 3 prime locations that you add a tower and you'll kick the competition's rear end back to old phones that are dated I mean you Alltel!!!!!!!

First one in Flora, then a tower in the Louisville area and the Clay City area... You place even just a tower in Flora and Clay City you'll get a large chunk of the region covered.


We in a former iPCS area would really like the chance to have numbers from our local area... it kinda sucks that it's a long distance call for landlines to call my cell, so that sucks. but my main issue is the network... If anyone can give me advice on how to get our local area in the que for a new tower it would work out so well...

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