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I am extremely disatisfied with this phone.  I got my first around a year ago and have replaced it twice already (thank god I opted for insurance).  It can barely even be called a phone if I'm at work because I can't place calls, send texts, or access the internet unless I am lucky enough to find the 5 second window in which something will go through.  Then out of nowhere it will work fine for a month and then go down again.  I have (or should I say had) no problem with it at home.  Connects to wi-fi, sends and receives calls, texts, emails, etc.  If I have the phone replaced it works for a while without any problem.  Honestly that's just about the only positive because if I really feel like it I can basically get a brand new phone every month.  Now starting two days ago I have no access to the mobile network whatsoever no matter if I'm at work, home, or anywhere else.  I pulled the battery, did a factory reset (all those damn Angry Birds levels...), toggled airplane and mobile network off and on... nothing works.  I don't even get an icon saying that the phone is even attempting to access 3G (why do phone manufacturers even bother advertising 4G when there are like 2 cities in the universe that have it set up?).

I've gone to support forums for HTC before and all they can tell me is that it must be the Sprint tower near my restaurant that isn't working properly.  I responded with something like "if that's the case why do all of my employees who have non-HTC Sprint phones have no problem?).  No response to that one yet.  It's just really annoying because I rely on my cell a lot for work and I basically can't use it at all and it's causing problems.  I don't really expect the situation to ever be resolved, this is more of a vain attempt at steering people away from buying an Evo.  I'm going to get an iPhone with my next bonus check.  I've avoided getting one for a long time but now that Sprint has one I may as well.  Until then I'll just keep getting free phones...


Re: HTC Evo 4G!!! AAAGH

What is an address near you so I can research the network in the area?



Re: HTC Evo 4G!!! AAAGH

14900 N. Pima Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85259


Re: HTC Evo 4G!!! AAAGH

That's weird. My EVO 4G is a beast. Very solid. I've had it two years with zero problems. I know a few guys at work with EVOs, too. It seems to be popular with the tech geek set. At any rate, none of them have ever reported a problem. I'm sure if you work with customer care, or better yet visit a repair center if you have one close by, they can fix you up right. If you sprint for an iPhone, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. My wife and two of my kids have them, and they're happy as clams.

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