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Hammond/Hessville/Whiting, IN Outage?


Hammond/Hessville/Whiting, IN Outage?

From the second the new year rang in until about 4am, I had no voice/data/text capabilities on my phone, or any of my co-workers phones.  Anyone experience similar problems?  Also having a hard time with getting coverage near the Horseshoe Casino - phones show full signal but won't connect to any data and voice calls will not go through on 3G or 4G.  Has worked for the last year or so that I've been going there, but now all of a sudden there's a problem that started on 1/1/11.  Sprint has been contacted and doesn't have a solution until enough people report the problem.


Hammond/Hessville/Whiting, IN Outage?

I am in hammond,indiana and we are still having problems with our service waiting for tvr to find out whats going on no texts,voicemail,phone sometimes does not ring goes right to voicemail but no notice if we got a voicemail, sprint you need to fix or expand your towers this has been going on and off since aug 2010!!!!! i have called too many times about the problem please get it fixed dont like paying for services i cant anyone in our area keep reporting the issue so they stop giving us the run around and get it fixed....


Hammond/Hessville/Whiting, IN Outage?


Hi I am sorry to hear about your coverage issue. If you’re still experiencing the issue, can you please send an email to with your account information (i.e. phone# or acct# and pin code or pass code) so we can further assist you. 

Thank you for your business.


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