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Has anyone had issues with data in San Diego county?


Has anyone had issues with data in San Diego county?

For about a month now, I have been experiencing dismal data speeds nearly everywhere in the county, and have had multiple mixed responses from Sprint. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems and being ignored?

I called two weeks ago and was on the phone with a tech rep for about 40 minutes while she submitted a ticket for me. She gave me a phone number to call if no one returned my phone call in 48-72 hours. When I called that phone number a week later (Oct 19th), the woman on the line said my ticket number didn't exist, but if I submitted on she would be more than happy to help. So they "lost" my ticket and had no record of me calling.

I immediately called tech support again and they refused to submit a ticket this time. She told me firmly that there had been no reports of outages in san diego county. They insisted that I needed to do a "master reset" of my phone, and this would fix the problem. After 30 minutes of similar banter, I ended the call and drove to a sprint store.

At the sprint store the first customer service agent responded with a resounding "yes, we are having massive technical difficulties". She described that she had experienced similar problems on and off for weeks. She noted that tech reps would be at each service station issuing ticket numbers. She REFUSED to do a master reset of my phone because she said this was a formality, and that she had personally done 4 that day with no results. This has been the only time that the outage has been verbally confirmed to me. Each rep I've talked to dodges acknowledging the outage. Has anyone received answers about this?

Here is an image showing my recent speed tests:


Any input is appreciated.


Yes same problem with speeds. Earlier this morning my internet just stopped working all together. It is incredibly slow all the time anyway. No problem with customer service just the company line of “we are improving our service and will have 4 LTE soon.” All the while internet speeds are old dial up slow. Have a galaxy s3 really like the phone hate the service it like owning a Ferrari and trying to drive with 3 flat tires. On the main Sprint web site it doesn’t even show San Diego as getting 4LTE any time soon. Just switched over to Sprint and now wish I hadn’t.

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