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Have No 3G Service In North GA


Have No 3G Service In North GA

Since 5pm on Friday (120/2012) I have not been able to use my 3G service. Everything else seems to be working fine, calls, txts, 4g, and wifi. Is there a problem in my area?

My physical addess is:

1320 Spring Gate Circle

Woodstock, GA 30189

Thanks to anyone.


Have No 3G Service In North GA

If you travel to another location does your data service work?  I am not showing any type of outage in your zipcode at this time. What type of phone is it?  Have you done any steps to fix it yourself such as remove/replace battery?



Re: Have No 3G Service In North GA

I went and got lunch which is about 4-5 miles away, not a great distance, and it still wasn't working. I have done all the steps one would do, battery pull, update everything, and finally a fully phone reset. Which I am still at square one. No 3G service.

I have the EVO 4G

Have No 3G Service In North GA


Have you checked to make sure data is enabled on your device? You can do this by going to Menu/Settings/Wireless & Networks...and make sure there is a green check next to Mobile Network and it says 'Connected' underneath. If so, a profile update is a simple fix in most cases. (Settings/System Updates/Update Profile)

Hope this helps.


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