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Help, No Service!!


Help, No Service!!

I am in the area of 33873, FL. My network service is terrible. When I check on the coverage map it says i should have great service at my home but it is not at all. I am roaming all the time and my texts/picturemail take forever to send. Half the time they wont send. Also my phone is sending duplicate texts when I text. I have a Samsung Epic. I hope they fix these problems!!!


Re: Help, No Service!!


I am sorry to hear that are having network issues in your area. I did look in our network outage board and I do not see any open outages at this time, however I did see that we did have a cell site down in your area that shows was resolved on the 9th of August. Have you tried to turn your device off and remove the battery for a full minute and power back on? If you continue with this problem, could you please send me cross streets or an address close to where you are at, so we can look at some tools that we have to look at the towers in your area.

You also mentioned your device is sending multiple text messages. Do you by chance have an airave hooked up in your house? Please reply back to me and I will follow up on this.



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