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Horrible Service 95301


Horrible Service 95301

I've been with Sprint for 8 months, and have had horrible service the whole time. When im at home im lucky if I can stay connected on a call for more than a couple minutes before its dropped. When it rarely does stay connected, nobody can understand me because i break up so bad. If I didn't have wifi at home I wouldn't be able to use any kind of internet. I'm to the point now where i just want to pay the cancellation fee, there is no point in paying $85 a month, for something I cant even use.

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Re: Horrible Service 95301

Hello Sam123987,

I'm sorry to hear that you have heard issues since you started service with us.I did that zip code and we are doing tower upgrades in that area. Here is a link to see the upgrades. . Also please send me private message me and I can do some troubleshooting with you.*Paida

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