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Horrible coverage in zip code 21207


Horrible coverage in zip code 21207

If I get Sprint 3G coverage I am lucky.  Most days I get 1-2 bars of 1X coverage and that not even the worst part of my coverage.  The worst part is that most of the time my phone coverage is ROAMING.

I think the Sprint coverage map should be redone to show the area I'm in as a wasteland instead of Spring Voice and 3G data.  Makes have unlimited data worthless, sucks that Sprint has me until 12/22/13 unless I want to pay the ETF. 

Hopefully Sprint goes bankrupt.


Re: Horrible coverage in zip code 21207

Currently show 2 network events in your area,  I is a network vision upgrade to the towers  this will result in improved coverage once the upgrade is completed.  The other is data service outage  I do not have a current ETR on either of these events

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