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Horribly slow 3G in 54701


Horribly slow 3G in 54701

Both my wife and I have been experiencing unbelievebly slow data performance on our HTC Evo 4Gs (at home, indoors, outdoors, across town etc doesnt seem to matter).

Consistently seeing 6-8kbps download speeds!

The phones are pretty much unusable for data unless we are on wifi.

I've contacted customer support a few times and had our phones 'refreshed, reset, hard reset, wiped etc. No change.

Whats the deal?


Re: Horribly slow 3G in 54701

Hello and Thank you reporting this issue.  I've checked Eau Claire, WI and we do not have any official outages in that area.  All towers are processing above 99% success for EVDO data.  When you experience the slow data, are you seeing a correlation to your signal; i.e. low signal and getting slow speed, or full signal and getting slow speed?  When you say it doesn't seem to matter where you go, have you traveled to another major city and performed the same speed test, or is it primarily in the Eau Claire, WI area? 

And can you post an intersection that's near you so we can see your closest towers? 



Re: Horribly slow 3G in 54701

I also live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 54701. I live near the intersection of I-94 and Highway 53. iPhone 4 user here. I cannot believe how terribly slow my data speed is. My phone is basically rendered useless when using my 3G data.

This makes me very unhappy when I am paying for unlimited data each month. I am borderline ready to cancel my contract with Sprint because I am so upset by this. I have had other carriers in this same area and I have never had such slow speeds. I really wish I could recommend Sprint to others because of their great prices, call quality, etc., but these data speeds are very terrible.

I usually get 3-4 bars, VERY slow speeds. I can't load mobile-friendly webpages for minutes on end, cannot stream music, watch videos. Basically the only thing my phone is good for is making phone calls. No complaints there. I switched to Sprint in October of 2011 and this has just gotten progressively worse.

We don't have wi-fi at our house, so this is my main connection to the internet and I also have tethering. Forget tethering if you can't even use the 3G data non-tethered!

Any ideas? This is so frustrating!


Re: Horribly slow 3G in 54701

I live in pretty much the same place as mjette and have the exact same problem, as does my girlfriend, just on different phones. I use a Samsung Galaxy SII, and she uses an LG optimus Q. Phone quality really great but data speeds have gotten absolutely abyssmal. Full bars or 1 under almost all the time, can see a cell tower ffrom my window.

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