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How to determine 4G or 3G works best on EVO?


How to determine 4G or 3G works best on EVO?

I am well aware of the coverage map, but everytime I go certain places, I don't have access to coverage map. How do I determine whether to use 4G or 3G on EVO? Do I have to keep clicking on/off 4G button? How long do I wait? I never see bar go up more than one. I was in one spot that has good 4G connection (light blue) per coverage map, but it is better to be outside. I was inside the building next to the window using Video Chat, since I was not able to use video chat outside at night, because the person on the other side will not be able to see me. Also, I keep getting disconnected about 5 times, and the movement was sluggish. WiFi was not available. If you are in the 4G area, based on the coverage map, wouldn't the signal bars be more than 4 with 3G and 4G connection? TIA.

Sprint Product Ambassador

If you get connected, 4G is *fast*.  Even with zero bars, signal report 'poor', I see 2300kb/sec on 4G.  Max on 3G is around 1200.

So, if you need the extra speed for watching a video or something try turning on 4G. 

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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