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I Can't receive texts from Verizon with my new ported phone number


I Can't receive texts from Verizon with my new ported phone number

I ported a new non sprint phone number to my cell phone to replace my old sprint number which was an old out of state area code. Now I can't receive txts from Verizon, but they can receive my txts. If they respond by txt they get a message that says it will cost 25cents to send the txt.

Also one person said they are are from Verizon and said my phone is disconnected. ALthough there are other verizon users that have called me with no such recording.

Tmobile was another carrier that their customers couldn't txt me, but after many phone calls to sprint, one tech said a setting needed to be changed.

I have called sprint over 6 times [6hrs] in the past 45 days to fix this, they all go through this whole reprovisioning process, but the problems still remain.

I have spoken with porting dept and they said the porting was complete, I also talked to the service [] that I ported the number from they said the porting was complete. We even had a conference call between sprint and, they con't know what is causing my problems.

The reason I wanted a new number ported is because my old area was 661 from CA and my current area in NY is 631, I have been here in NY for 8yrs and will remain. I selected a phone number from, they let you select a unique number ie: 707-2777, unlike sprint will just give me some random number. I figured since I will keep this number for 20yrs, I should pick an easy number for people to remember.

One sprint tech said, I will have to cancel that new number and just get a random number from sprint. They said it's probably the number that's causing the problem.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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I Can't receive texts from Verizon with my new ported phone number

I ported over on 4/12/2011 so 30days as of tomorrow.

It seems that some networks think this is a land line, in fact when  Verizon customers try to txt me the actual message they get is:

"631-xxx-xxxx is a landline#, reply Y to send all txt messages to this #  as voice messaged for 25cents/msg and standard message fee details at text to landline."

Someone had mentioned:

  1. It takes 37days for everything to transfer over properly even if the carrier says its done.
  2. The thing is that your previous number was not a mobile number. Mobile  companies verify that the number they are trying to contact is mobile  before attempting to send a text etc. I believe other companies (vzw) still think your number isn't a valid mobile number.
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