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Idaho Users - Please post your complaints here about ping/downloads


Idaho Users - Please post your complaints here about ping/downloads

I have been fighting with Sprint for over 6 months for ping rates in the 600-700 range, and downloads less than half of their advertised speeds.    I chatted with Sprint, I called Support, I posted emails, I went into stores.    They all claimed they had no idea what the problem was.   Finally I went to the Sprint Repair store, and first thing they told me is that there was a tower upgrade scheduled.  I told them that I had been having my problems for months, and  they said that was correct.  

ERGO, Sprint has known for a long time that they have massively oversold their abililities in this area, yet whenever I have called to complain, they pretend like they don't know what is wrong, or they are just ignorant.. 

I've sat side by side with my GF who has Verizon, and her pings are in the 100 - 200's, and her 3g and 4g downloads are nearly double what mine are.

Please use, and post your ping rate/download speed/upload speed for 3g, and for 4g.  

Another item you may not know, is that Clearwire has had issues in this area for at least the last two years.   I got my GF out of her internet contract, because she was supposed to be getting 1.5mb  and wasn't even getting 500kbps.  Half the time the internet returned a 404 or just froze.

If Sprint isn't willing to fix this, I'm willing to try to head a class action suit against Sprint for breach of contract for not providing services which were promised in their advertising and claimed speeds.

To date, Sprint has not even offered me any sort of compensation for my internet lockups, unavailability, extreme slowness.   All they have done is deny, deny, deny...


So there is usable info on here I have a few suggestions-

  • Have you checked your coverage at and is the result 'fair' for your location or is it in a fringe area?
  • Has the problem suddenly started?  When did it start?
  • Where are you experiencing the problems? Inside of your home, outdoors while driving, or inside and outside of a specific location? What's the location's zip code?  If you feel comfortable sharing address  or street intersection, please include.  With that information we can  look up the cell sites closest to you and see if they have experienced  any outages, or if tickets have already been submitted for them.


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