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Iphone Roaming


Iphone Roaming

Hi Everybody,

I was in Northern Minnesota over the weekend. I just got the Iphone 5, I had the Evo 4G. Much to my surprise, when I got up north I had no cell phone service (which I used to have with the evo). Even when I was in town, a place where I used to have perfect service, I was “searching for service.” I even went into settings and turned on roaming. I don’t understand how my brother (who still has the Evo) can be siting right next to me texting, emailing, and talking on the phone while I am searching for service the ENTIRE weekend.

Does anyone know why this is?


Re: Iphone Roaming

I had to do a PRL update and that fixed it.

Re: Iphone Roaming

Good morning Clint.stroeing,

I realize how frustrating that must have been for you. Definitely there are a few things that we can do with your device including what 202Skins posted updating some profiles that connect your device to the network and establish connection. 

Is your device still searching for service sporadically?

Please let me know!



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