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Is Sprint sleeping or what? Pathetic Coverage lately..crazy issues


Is Sprint sleeping or what? Pathetic Coverage lately..crazy issues

Crazy Network coverage in Rego Park, NY (Queens) 11374. Calls connects after numerous tries & drops after 10seconds of conversation. The Network bars show Excellent Coverage. 3G icon comes & goes. Tired to restart my phone like 5 times alreay. Tried to walk down the block - Same thing. I'm seeing issues with call connection for pas couple of days from various location in NY city & Long Island.

Call failed, data call failed, signal faded, message not sent- network not responded, error, error, error! It's all my Evo 4G tells me when I try to do anything that requires a signal.

This is ridiculous.

Sprint Product Ambassador

We have had several tickets resolved in the past couple of days for that area; if you continue to experience poor service, I suggest you contact Care and request that Tech Support open a CTMS Network ticket for your area.



Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

I thought you said there 7748410 open for my Zipcode...isn't that correct? The problem seems to be getting worse. Do I need to open a new CTMS with Support?

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