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Isolated coverage loss, new Sprint tower offer.


Isolated coverage loss, new Sprint tower offer.

I know a couple of people who have Sprint / Boost Mobile in my area. They're all having the same problem I am when they reach my town and the next few towns West of here.

Our problem is that whenever we reach the 04020, 04068, and 03836 zip codes our phones go into roaming. I checked the coverage map, and where I live (04020 Cornish, Maine) gets full 3G coverage. So, my question is; why are 5 different phones all under different names, all roaming once they hit my area? If we go one town East (04049) I get 3G service. That town is like 5 minutes away... it really confuses me and has caused me to order internet through my local cable company and take my Mobile Hotspot off my plan because my Mobile Hotspot sucks when I'm roaming.

My friend who lives in the 03836 zip code, which is in Freedom, New Hampshire (Maine boarder, close to me), owns a lot of land on top of a mountain. Her mother has a Boost Mobile phone (which I believe is owned by Sprint / Nextel) and my friend told me her mother has been thinking about selling some of her land to Sprint to build a new Sprint cell phone tower so anyone who has Sprint / Nextel in this area will get great coverage like Verizon does around here. If any of the staff here can get this across to Sprint I can give out her mother's number so she can be contacted and this can be discussed.

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Isolated coverage loss, new Sprint tower offer.

Hello SpitfireCRX, If your friend is interested in leasing part of their land to Sprint have them go to Sprint sites USA to read the property evaluation guidelines, if they meet the listed guidelines they can click continue to submit the location for consideration. If the network people are interested in the location they will contact the submitter within 4 days. If there is no interest in the location they will not be contacted.

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