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Keep Roaming on and off at 18431


Keep Roaming on and off at 18431

I've been noticing that in the last month or so, while Im at home or just in town, my phone jumps in and out of roam even when I have full bars. Im not noticing this problem in other areas just when im in the 18431 area. A close address would be 400 grove street honesdale pa 18431. If someone could look into this I would appreciate it.


Re: Keep Roaming on and off at 18431

I see there have been some peaks/valleys with coverage - This type of activity sets off alarms that technicians fix remotely. Up until today it has not made the site loose service but it has has some "speedbumps" that show up in history. From what I see this is network provisioning related and the alarms have been notifying the online techs who deal with this kind of thing.

I see March 15, another March 31 peaks that could have caused your issue.


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