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Kyocera Duramax and new I680 in 11949


Kyocera Duramax and new I680 in 11949

Picked up the Duramax yesterday and also got a new replacement I680.

Prommised that the Duramax would be stellar, especially in the 11949 area, where we have had non stop problems for years.   ( It is terrible )

Promised that it would be a leaps and bounds step into great coverage and service,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ( my worst Motorola Nextel was much better than this junk )

The new I680 does not function as did my previous I680.  Service sucks, coverage sucks, and the phone does not allow the same operational features as the other one mysteriously.

Just went over the coverage map with a rep and they basically say that we're crazy,  so once again we challenged anyone from Sprint to come to the location and see for themselves. ( Map says all is good BTW )

Pretty certain this will be ignored once again.  Thinking about asking Newsday and News12 do an on location spot proving that we are being ripped off.

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