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LOL why sprint are you deleting factual discussions


LOL why sprint are you deleting factual discussions

HAHA third one deleted go figure

MOD sarah seems to claim I am soliciating for a class action when in fact I never stated that nor hinted towards it. WELL here you go MOD sarah i removed court per you silly guidelines of hiding the truth

Now mod sarah seems to be a professional in determining and decideding what the content and meaning of some ones words are. Fabulous.

Mod SARAH hows it feel to have most of the customers calling your company a sham? How do you even continue working for a company like knowing they are FAKE, steal and Lie?

Here since they like covering up things and removing what their PAYING subscribers post let me repost it again for everyone to see X4

Ok first of I am speaking my mind. This is for people having the issue in the chicagoland area or in general in the state of IL. So if you're not having the issue or in that area your opinion is null here. I dont care to hear then move to another carrier blah blah.Chicago land service sucks 3g is no g. Serious i cant even update a weather app. Really how sad is that? Call custoimer service guess what he returns my car 12 times because of the call dropping.Recieiving text message or even sending them LOL right it feel like ground hogs day where u get two of the same message. Try sending a picture message LMFAO cant do it why cause 0g isnt even fast enough that it fails.    And here is the big one Calling 911 for emergency help and having your service drop the call not once but three times at that point i went to apple to get a new phone which they promptly gave and showed the stats on the phone. I have a log of dropped call etc etc saved and documented due to false promisses of oh they are fixing the tower it will be done by............. and then it continues. I canceled a hotspot device why cause well lets see 4g failed and well 3g DIDNT work.its about principal and supplying me with a working service. It is not working, nor are you trying to fix the issue.I can go on with more this is the major for me so sprint its coming sooner then you think, nor will I cave to your wish of moving to another cell provider till you supply the proper service to everyone.Lets see how fast they cover up this message and have their peons delete the complaint open to the public cause they can not handle critism

Attached is 45 mins of trying to stay on the line with my own mother 7 calls all dropped in a matter of 45 mins. Ironic the service cars were full until calls started to be made

So where is sprint getting the money for the current iphone 5's? what happened to all the money being invested in towers and service which in a sense hasnt happened but has gotten worse?

You can keep removing the post for everyone to see I will keep posting it.Stop covering up the complaints sprint and removing stuff that is negative


I am sorry that you are unhappy with Sprint's service. Because you made the edits I requested, this post will remain.

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