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Little to no signal in 53590 area


Little to no signal in 53590 area


For the last week and a half, I've had little to no service in the Sun Prairie, WI, area. After a few days of at best 1 bar outside, I called Sprint support and was told all the towers servicing the area were undergoing upgrades and maintenance. I was told that this would be resolved by Tuesday, the 15th. Currently, I still have very spotty signal, streaming data constantly cuts off, when there is data service, it's very slow, and text messages are regularly unable to send. This is all on my Galaxy Nexus, but a coworker with an Evo 4G is experiencing the same issues. I'm wondering ...

  1. Why is Sprint downing multiple towers at once, instead of doing one at a time and allowing customers to maintain service?
  2. When will these towers be back online? If they are back up and "upgraded", is this what we can expect going forward?

I've done the profile and PRL updates with no improvement.




Re: Little to no signal in 53590 area

cjmueller1, I do apologize for the issues you are having. At this time I located two outages in your area which both show estimated time of resolution to be 5/19 6pm cst.

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