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Loss of service in Eastsound, WA


Loss of service in Eastsound, WA

On Thursday, April 26, the local land line provider in Eastsound, WA 98245 (CenturyLink) had an equipment failure at their central hub and all phone service was lost, including all cell phone networks. I suppose this means that CenturyLink provides the backhaul for the wireless providers. Service was fully restored after about 12 hours but the Sprint signal has never come back. All the other cell companies are back online.

I live about 2.5 miles from the tower, within line-of-sight, and used to have a 4-bar EV signal. Now all I have is a 3-bar EV roaming signal. When I'm not on a wireless Internet connection, I have no data access. I have updated the network profile and PRL and nothing changes.

I don't like this situation but I don't know how else to report this problem.

Feel free to PM me for more information.

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Re: Loss of service in Eastsound, WA

BLongworth-Sorry for the inconvenience. I checked your zip code/coverage and there is a reported cell site outage engineers have been notified and are working to resolve issue ASAP. Single Cell site  9031581 At 2012/04/26 11:26:40 we experienced the following Problem(s) in the West Washington : Non-MSA Market: Single Cell site (Out of Service) SWITCH TECH WORKING ON THIS. ETR -05/04/2012 04:50:26 CST.


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