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Lost Sprint Cell and Data Signals on Phone in Waltham, MA - 7/7/2011


Lost Sprint Cell and Data Signals on Phone in Waltham, MA - 7/7/2011

I lost connectivity from my HTC Arrive all of a sudden today.  I thought it was because I was inside a building, though the signal has always worked there.

That being said, I was able to get onto Digital Roaming without problems. Just no sprint network.

Sprint support worked with me to try to figure it out and the feeling was that it was a phone issue.  I pulled out my old HTC Touchpro 2 and it could not find the network either.  The support person indicated it was because the phone had been deactivated, though I remember seeing the signal on it a few weeks back.

I dont want to reset my phone and find out the problem was on Sprint's side.  There are too many things that I have loaded on it that I'd hate to lose.

Any suggestions?


Never mind .. i verified that other sprint phones in the area are working ... must be my phone.

---- Update on 7/9/2011

Took the phone to the store and they told me that the software had a component that recognizes the Sprint and Sprint Partner networks missing.  They had to reload the software and also hard reset the phone 3 times before the phone would work.

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