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Maybe some good roaming coverage?


Maybe some good roaming coverage?

Reception in our area is minimal. It shows good on coverage map 70544, but actually we have zero Sprint signal, and a decent Verizon (Roaming) signal. I have heard through the grapevine that Verizon is going to bring the old Centennial network over to Verizon CDMA. If that is the case we may finally get an excellent signal in our area, but it will still be ROAMING. Roaming is covered under our contract, but I am sure there are acceptable limits for roaming in our agreement.

We have a brand new NEXTEL tower a quarter of a mile from my house, If sprint would put a CDMA system on the Nextel tower along with the existing  IDEN, It would extend coverage for this whole area, including communities in the surrounding area. All of that Verizon roaming is going to start adding up after Verizon completes their network sometime in July for all of the Sprint customers in this area that work, go to school, and church with Sprint Phones. I wonder if Sprint will be tempted to drop us as the Roaming bills they receive from Verizon start to add up?  I hope so!! I would switch to Verizon in a heartbeat. I would also gladly stay with Sprint the rest of my life if they would just correct the lack of coverage between Jeanerette and New Iberia.

I have an Airave for the house, but it does not help outside of the house, at my children's school, or at my office 3 doors down (all in same community), etc.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Maybe some good roaming coverage?


On for that zip code I show a strip of 'grey' -- no coverage in the center of the zip code.  We don't offer service there; if that is where you primarily work and live, Sprint may not be the best solution for you.  Since you have the Airave, that does help with your in-home coverage, but you are correct, coverage is not very good right along there.

Sorry for the bad news . . .


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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