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Milwaukee Area coverage degradation?


Milwaukee Area coverage degradation?

My wife (Iphoine 4s) and I (Evo 3D) have both noticed serv ice degradation, both at home (53213) and at work (53211)

Are our phones coincidentaly going haywire, or is there a systemtic problem?

Anyone else in Milwaukee notice anything?



I am sorry to hear about your service. I have looked in our network outage board and did see a couple of outages. To determine if these outages are affecting your tower, can I please get an address or cross streets close by? Please include the city, state and zip code.



At work, it's

     3203 N .Downer Ave

     Milwaukee, WI, 53211

at home it's

     Glenview & Portland Ave

     Wauwatosa, WI, 53213

Thanks for the response.


Thanks for the addresses and cross streets. The only reported outage that I am seeing in the area you told me was the one for your work. It looks like local exchange carrier has been engaged and restoration is in progress. I show an ETR of 08/28/2012. Just a reminder, the ETR is just an estimate and can change at anytime.

As for your home address, I was unable to locate any tower outages, however I did show that there is a reported tower outage about 1 mile away from the cross streets for you home which may be causing a strain on the closest tower to you.

Here is the information for your work address:

Single Cellsite 9207980 At 2012/08/20 09:00:07 we experienced the following Problem(s) in the Milwaukee : Milwaukee / Waukesha Market: Single Cellsite (Out of Service) LEC   Local telephone carrier engaged, restoration in progress . 08/20/2012 04:00:00 CST 3 08/28/2012 02:40:51 CST 08/23/2012 02:40:50 CST ML59XC182 Milwaukee WI 53201

I started noticing problems with my service about 5 to 6 months ago, I started dropping calls and noticing that my phone signal was very weak at times in areas that I never had issues with. I also noticed that my Air Rave device would suddenly and without reason start searching for signal and sometimes would emit no signal even when the status lights were seemingly solid and connected. I figured that the issue could be my phone as it is an older android Samsung Transform, so I dealt with the problem figuring the problem would be fixed when I got my upgrade. As time went on the problem continued and became seemingly worse and wider spread. A couple of weeks ago my son’s line became eligible for upgrade and we upgraded him to the latest Galaxy S III and then came to find out that he had been having the same issues and continued after his new upgrade. Then last week at work I noticed that my very poor signal at work became a continual roam. I then traveled north to Green Lake / Fond du Lac area and experienced similar problems. For a day and a half I had marginal to medium service coverage then went into a continual roam and then No Service at all. I rebooted my phone which sent it into a frozen hard loop that would not boot. A coworker was able to reboot my phone and that’s when I found out that he was experiencing the same issues with an HTC EVO 4G LTE. I called Sprint customer service and was given the normal run around and had to start over each time I was disconnected by poorly transferred calls or dropped signal. I was told that all the towers in my areas of work/home were working properly with no problems. I started looking on the web and found a news story on WTMJ’s website saying that Sprint had a major equipment failure and did not know when it would be repaired. I called Sprint customer service back and was given the same run around for over 45 minutes and transferred and hung up on and dropped calls being told there was no problems in my areas, it was then I asked about the tower being down and then they admitted it that there was a problem with one of the towers and that it would be fixed on 8/27 called the next day and they told me 8/28. I then received a call back for the contract department as I was inquiring about releasing me from my contract and was told that the problem was that the Milwaukee area was getting upgraded to the infamous and elusive 4G and that the upgrade would take 4 months and that they were unwilling to let me out of my contract, that was 5 days past the 14 day allowed trial. I guess I understand that, doesn’t make me feel better though, and they were unwilling to make any concessions or offer any kind of solution or credit. At one point during the whole sorted frustrating mess I was told that I could take a one-time credit or wait until the problem is resolved and receive a percentage of my bill back as determined by sprint.

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