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Moved and live in a dead zone...


Moved and live in a dead zone...

Me, my husband and my son just recently moved to a new apartment. The entire apartment is wonderful except for our Sprint devices no longer get reception... anywhere. When it does, it's only on the balcony and even then the calls are dropped constantly. If we are lucky enough for the call to connect anywhere in the house, we can sometimes hear the other person, but they can never hear us, and the call only lasts maybe 7 seconds before it is lost. We have 2 different devices that we just upgraded to in August - I got a Blackberry Curve and he got an HTC Hero.  We were very happy with our phones until we moved and got no reception anymore, and our 30 days were up by the time we moved. We tried the old Instincts we have, but they also didn't work. This is hard on us, especially me since I'm a stay at home mom with a newborn and have no way of contacting my husband at work if any problems come up. My friend came over a little after we moved in and her Samsung Moment didn't work either. This was really stressing me out that all these phones weren't working because we really like Sprint and it would be a shame to have to leave them for a lame problem like this.

However, about a week ago my brother came over and he has an Evo. It didn't get perfect reception but it sure worked a LOT better than any of our phones do. We didn't originally want Evos because of the extra charge per month but now it seems we have no choice if we want to be with Sprint. Since we are past our 30 days, what would we do to be able to get Evos? Obviously it's not free, but we want to know who to call to find out what to do about the situation. Thanks for your help in advance!

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Re: Moved and live in a dead zone...

One option you can try is reaching out to customer service and seeing if you can get an Airave -- it's a mini cell tower that connects to your high speed Internet connection and provides good coverage .

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