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My horrible service


My horrible service

Hello World, Well I am not happy with Sprint and it service, I work in La Jolla and in Rancho Santa Fe, also in Fairbanks Ranch. I never get signal anywhere when I am working in some of these locations, Its very frustrating. I live in southern San Diego, near the U.S and Mexico boarder. When I am at my house the signal is worse!! My calls drop all the time and sometimes do get a ring just a message for a voicemail. Does anybody have the same problem in these locations or does Sprint just suck ASS on signal!

Note: I have a iPhone 4SI dont want to upgrade to the 5 cause they dont support 4G lTE bastards. 2-3 months of this and I will pay 700 dills to cancel both of my lines - Thats Bull S%&6T!


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Re: My horrible service

Hello Ikrooz619,

I understand your frustration and we dont want to lose you as a customer. I would to help. What zip codes and cross streets are you having these issues, this information will help me see if there are network issues in the area. I know that in Southern San Diego we have been doing tower upgrades. *Paida

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