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Network Down in 53151 New Berlin, WI?


Network Down in 53151 New Berlin, WI?

Anyone else out there in the area getting error messages when trying to send text messages?

I send a text and get a reply stating:


Message has not been Sent.

Network is not responding.

Message Saved.

Please try again later."

I am in coverage though... I have 4 bars where I'm at, and I already sent and received 4 texts from my current position (my office) and then bam, I cannot send anymore.

I can call, just not text.

And yes, I have unlimited texting n such.

Just wondering...


Network Down in 53151 New Berlin, WI?

I am in Osseo, WI (Near Eau Claire) and I am currently unable to receive messages (at least from Verizon Customers) since sometime last night.  I am able to send them.

I am not getting any error messages though.  I have all restarted my phone (Evo 4G) and pulled the battery.  Voice seems to be working fine in and out and 3G data is near perfect freom my office where I have 4-5 bars. 

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