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Network Issues in Pittsburgh Area.


Network Issues in Pittsburgh Area.

We have a family plan and I will send my husband messages and he won't get them all day and then all at once. We are actually in Charleroi which is South of Pittburgh right off a RT 70. We are supposed to have follow coverage, but a signal comes and goes even when not moving. I have to go outside my house to even call out and occasional have to do the same to contact to the web and send text. We use family locator to check on a children through the day and it is saying that it can not accurately locate the phone. I thought this was odd because I know gps is on and I personally checked his phone to make sure he had a full charge before he left. I then tried to located myself and it couldn't even do that. So I tried to call him and it rings around 8-10 times then goes to voicemail.

A few wks ago the rep at the stores said that they were repairing a lot of towers knocked down after a bad windstorm last month is that what is going on?


Network Issues in Pittsburgh Area.

I can further assist you if  you would like to private message me your phone number and zip code.

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