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Network Outage in Columbia, SC


Network Outage in Columbia, SC

I live in the 29210 area code and I have not been able to send/receive texts, calls, or connect to internet in this area since 6/27/11, and this has never been the case prior to.  Is there an outage in this area? If so, is there a date when this would be fixed?  3 days is a bit much for a totally dead phone. I was able to deal with the random dropped calls, but now they're more frequent than ever (even outside of this service area) and I cannot take having a completely useless phone. Help.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Network Outage in Columbia, SC

Hi - sorry for the problems, but we do have two tickets open for your zip code.  We are actively working to restore the service and the listed ETR is today.  If you continue to have problems tomorrow please email care or call from a landline and request a Network CTMS ticket be opened for your location.



Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Network Outage in Columbia, SC

I've been having the same trouble in Columbia, SC, however per your reply, the outage seemed to have been fixed as of the weekend of July 1, however the problems resurfaced in the middle of the following week after some storms.

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