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Network Problems!!!!


Network Problems!!!!

What is wrong with this picture?  The place that I live used to have full service throughout until about 6 months ago...  I called in to Sprint Customer Service they said the network was down.  4 months later the network is still not working as it used to...  The fix was sending me an "AIR RAVE"  which I have to reset every time that I come home...   When I send a text message the reciepient gets multiple copies of the same message.  So again on the phone with tech support..  The fix was a new "AIR RAVE"  The new one lasted about 2 days before it was back to the old... Reset it every time I come home.  Sprint tech support had me enter a bunch of codes in my phone to trouble shoot it.

So then they say that the phone is the issue and that the network is working perfectly...  I tell them then send me a new phone... I get the run around about them sending me a new phone.  About an hour later I get an email that they are going to send me a new phone but it's on backorder. 

Tonight I came home again and had to reset the "AIR RAVE" 3 times to get it to work...  Then I kept getting network error codes and messages.  After reseting the "AIR RAVE" 3 more times I start getting text messages that are dated with tomorrow's date, about 8 hours ahead of my actual time and the time set on my phone.

So again I call in to tech support.  Again as I have now come to expect I was given the run around and gaffing that I have now become accustomed to...  After being either hung up on or placed on hold for ever, while waiting for a "Supervisor" I have given up... 

Sprint you win!!  Tell me what to do to keep my number and I'll gladly take my business to another carrier. All of this seems to be avoidable if you would simply fix the network!!   I haven't even brought up where is my 4G coverage that I should have seen at least a year ago...

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