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Network/Service problems! Anyone else?


Network/Service problems! Anyone else?

To make a long story short...

Ever since April 18th, my Sprint Broadband AND Cell Phone go right to ROAM. I didn't move, or do anything different. One day it was perfect, the next day it seemed like someone chopped down the tower!!!

One call to support I spent over an hour on the phone, they disconnected me and NEVER called back?! The next call, for the broadband card we switched the setting so it would NOT roam at all. This helped, but now my internet drops its connection almost ever 15 minutes, the signal bar will be on 4 or 5 and then just disappear.This option would not work on my phone, if I am not roaming I don't get ANY service.

So, with the phone nobody could help me. They finally gave me a "ticket" to take the phone into a service center. For someone like me that works 12-15 hours a day that is kinda hard to do. Why not just send me a phone with a return box like most other providers?? And why think it's the phone when you know my broadband internet started doing the same thing, the same day, at the same time??

So my reason for posting this....It seems to me since BOTH my broadband and phone had the same issues, I am thinking it's Sprint. Something happened with a tower, or something. I live in the Eastern Connecticut area and wonder if anyone is having the same issue? OR if anyone anywhere had this issue with sprint and what did they do to resolve it?

I pay $176/mo for my phone and internet packages, so paying $300 to cancel and switch is sounding more like a good idea to me because who wants to pay that much for service that don't work. Oh, and it really doesn't help either when you log on to  this website and see half the stuff don't work and your "online" bill hasn't been updated since the March cycle. Man is Sprint falling apart?????????


Re: Network/Service problems! Anyone else?

The company I work for based in Nassua County, Long Island, NY are having serious problems with call drop out, every uses nextel/sprint phones, blackberry and motorola with Direct Connect.

The DC seems to work most of the time, but the phone service is dreadful, the service bars on the screen are always full(to the top), but nobody can complete a phone conversation with anyone, either we can hear the person on the opther end or the they cannot hear us.

Nextel is mandatory in our industry, as all our clients and suppliers use the direct connect feature, no-one uses verizon, etc.

Can someone please explain this recent drop in service, we have been experiencing this problem since at least Friday 05/14/2010!

Is there a satelitte down or mast damaged, what's going on???

Please explain.....

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Network/Service problems! Anyone else?


I moved this thread to the Network and Coverage board:

To best serve you please visit that board and start a new discussion listing the dates you're having problems, the zip code and nearest major intersection where you are trying to place calls.

That way I can look up the nearest towers and check their logs and see if there are any know issues, outages, service calls, etc.

I don't see all the messages - I do this as a volunteer, cause I'm a radio geek. If you need imeediate assistance, or need to have a service call opened, please contact Sprint Customer Support by one of the means listed here:

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: Network/Service problems! Anyone else?

I am getting   'call failed'  466   This started this morning, it is 5pm est   Howell, MI  48855  Cannot call out or recieve calls but voicemail comes in. Does anyone know why?    Closest cross streets are  Latson Rd. and Fausett Rd.


Re: Network/Service problems! Anyone else?

This is the conclusion to the problems that I originally posted here....

I did not take my phone into Sprint because both my services did not work and I found it hard to believe it was the phone, instead I called Sprint again and they transferrred me to a supervisor. He explained that they did in fact have a couple other complaints in the area so they were going to send a tech out to check something, (i think he said a transmission tower). He apologized I was having such a bad time with my service and said they have done all they could at that time but assured me they would find out whats going on and if I still had the problem after a couple days to call back.

2 days later I recieved an update, sent by Sprint to both my phone, and broadband card and my services have worked fine ever since.

My advice is to keep calling, and have anyone you know with the same problems to call as well, maybe this will esculate a quicker response, and as mad as it makes you try always try to be polite as possible because they seem to want to try harder to help you out.


Re: Network/Service problems! Anyone else?

Almost a month now and still no improvement. I have two EVO's in Knoxville on their way to my sister and nephew in Orlando. Hope they get better download speeds than I . Why can't you call OKCQC? I've missed their call and now you have to negotiate a time for them to call back? Then you give them a specific time and they don't call? Very frustrating.



Re: Network/Service problems! Anyone else?

Yes, I do have the identical problem. I connect to the Web with a few error messages and then move at the snail's pace; like a dial-up modem.

This has been going on for a few weeks. I have reported the problem several times. Every time I report it, the Tech Service person pretends like it is the first time they're hearing from me. I live virtually under a Sprint tower in Warrenton, Va. Yet, I Roam!

The Tech Service persons make me do the debugging routine over and over, yet no fixes. Some time they put me on hold and drop the call, so I have to start the process once again. They all say the tower is "down" in their conversations. Whatever that means. I have asked several times how could this be for a few weeks and no has fixed the tower? They would never say the site is overloaded or there is congestion in the network. I don't know the exact cause of the problem, but the talk they give makes no sense. I happen to have a few advanced degrees in mobile systems, including broadband services.

The Sprint charges for a low-speed service are too high. I don't even get G3 while I am actually paying for G4. So, I really am considering moving to Verizon, even though they are worse in customer service. But, Verizon service is consistently better and they take reports of failed service more seriously. I would like to consider AT&T as well. If I move, I will not pay Sprint the penalty charges, since it would be Sprint that has failed to give me the service I signed up for. I would turn it over to the lawyers to duke it out.

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