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Nextel doesn't roam but...


Nextel doesn't roam but...

it sees a Southern Linc tower and can make a 911 call off of Southern Linc but I'm told from a technical aspect, Nextel can't roam on their networks. So what is the truth? Is it the fact Sprint/ Nextel just doesn't want to roam with Southern Linc? I know SL roams except PPT. I think the technology argument I'm given from time to time is BS.


I agree with you on this one nxtl4me. I have been a nextel fan since 1999. I live in Delaware, around the millsboro area, and work around fenwick,bethany and rehobeth area. I must say, I must be one of the lucky people who really hasn't had a problem with nextel intill the merge. I dont get good services around . it depends on were I go here . one min I do and the next I dont get bars . so one day me and a friend had to see what all the talk was with dropping calls so there is 3 of us one with a nextel one with a sprint and of course we had to add one with verizon. now  I have the 8350i blackberry, one has the sprint v950 renegade,the other i think htc touch screen. anyway to compare sprint and nextel since its sprint/ nextel were talking about . i must say that the 8350i out beat everything the v950 could do . the v950 dropped calls to were the blackberry didn't. also on rt 24 zip code 19966 the sprint v950 either drop the call or went into roaming mode. to only drop the call.  to were my blackberry stayed on a call all the way to my house . it wasn't intill then i showed no bars but still kept the call intill i went into my house. then i lost the call . to were the v950 can make calls in my house. but only he can stand in certain places or the v950 will drop calls. how ever in my house witch is still in the 19966 zone, the 8350i could received mms messages with no bars showing. i couldnt keep a call but could receive text messages and emails yes people emails. then also we tryed other areas. like near the beach that is like 10 miles from were i live maybe a little more then that. anyway , same thing my 8350i out last the v950. in so many ways the only thing that the v950 did well on was the direct connect we talked for like 15 mins . intill well got near a tower that im not sure who it belongs to. then noone who is with nextel or sprint can do anything,  intill we moved are phones around and the closer i got away from the tower i got bars but the renegade nothing.  also we had a tower out a couple of months ago and i was the only one who could use only the direct connect. so i was wondering why is that .  i still don't understand all the he!!  everyone downing nextel. wait amin its sprint ppl who are downing nextel . why is this ? didn't they buy nextel ? sorry but ill always be a nextel user no matter what i hope we never see them go away i just only wish nextel could get out from under sprint i would like to start another form on why is everyone saying nextel is just a brand , when nextel is the ones who created direct connect.everyone i no loves that and from what i see so does every other carrier out there . the are trying so hard to mock that feture so why all the fuss nextel is just a brand. i would love to see us nextel people go back to just being nextel. wishful thinking i no .  it really hurts for me to pay my bill to sprint who is only putting down nextel . i pay 160.00 a month to them and they treat us nextel users like crap. someone has to put a stop to this madness. sorry for the long post i could go on but dont want to be put down for such a long post.



Thanks for the interesting post with all of that real-world info comparing the reception and call-holding of the V950 to the 8350i.

Yes, Nextel iDEN DC still rocks, and yes, the folks at Sprint have no appreciation of us Nextel customers or the inherent value and strengths of the iDEN system. But that's OK, we Nextelians are much tougher than anyone or anything at Sprint, and we'll just tough it out until they hopefully sell iDEN to an appreciative owner.

Of sourse you probably saw the news last week that Sprint will no longer make any new Qchat phones, effectively abandoning Qchat in favor if iDEN Direct Connect. They will support existing customers that use Qchat now, but no new Qchat phones forthcoming, which implies that they will not be finishing the upgrade to the rest of their CDMA network to be Qchat-enabled. That was a shocker that none of us can understand so far (the announcement gave very little info on what their long-term PTT plans are).

Being that you have been with Nextel since 1999, are you signed up as a Sprint Premier customer? If not, it might be worth checking out for the few benefits it does provide to the long-time Nextel subscriber.

Out of curiosity, how did the Verizon phone do during that comparison? A fair comparison with accurate reporting is always welcome information to all of us (if & when Sprint finally does shut down iDEN 😉

   - Nxtl4me


Hey there nxtl4me.  thanks for your response,  Its so nice to finally get someone from the old school (nextel.) 

Trying to get your point acroos to sprint,  Is a joke.  The only thing they due is insult you.  That is a fact just read my other post.

Ok you wanted to no how the verizon side held up in are test.. well nextl4me,  I have to say that the verizon side does hold up pretty good on this side of the wourld. Meaning delaware zip code19966. There is spots to were no one... gets services.  However for the most part verizon did hold up there end .  My oppion on this is i have to stick to nextel iden. I'm a diehard.  For severel reasons 1  no one can beat the iden noone!!!  2, No one... i mean no one can beat nextels tect customer service omg nextel tect support is so Alsome.

I don't care how rud you are with them its always mam, or sr.  Im sorry this has happen to you,  Lets see what we can do for you.  3. Thay will stay on the phone with you no matter what sprint says.  It's a shame that sprint,  times them on how long thay handle a call,  But they dont care.... they stay with you intill the problem is fixed. like the lpgo says, NEXTEL.DONE.  Not sprint, They just ask you to switch to one of there phones.

  Another thing compairing  the datea between verizon and nextels phones on and also sprint.  I have to say that the blackberry curve 8350i stands right next to verizon we all sent emails to each other to were verizons came threw faster on,  My 8350i,

Before it did the sprint v950 and the 8350i went threw to verizon before the sprintv950 ... We are still waiting for the v950 email to go threw to verizon .  the v950 came threw my 8350i 32 mins later lol. We couldn't understand this. why is nextel who some will complan is slow,  Worked like a charm, but the v950 is running slow. and the two gentelmen i did the campairing with said the tower that is closest to us is a nextel tower . ? how they no that

You no i just wish that nextel iden could get there own voice servies ..  They are aware of this but then like they said money plays a big part.  That's why we tryed it out with sprint, To only get kicked under the bus.  Sorry sprint did kicked us under the bus.

Also,  Thank you for that info about, If i was a sprint premier costomer. I called them to see , And yes i am.  I also had to ask them this question.. what side were they from ? He replyed, lol i have to say your talking to the old school side,( Nextel). Just had to add that.

Could you tell me what the diffirents would be,  If i wasn't A Sprint premier customer?  Also F Y I  if anyone wants to no this . I have been talking to some friends who work for verizon on the tect end and they were saying its been some talk around (just conversation) that they think it wouldn't be a bad ideal if verizon supported  the Iden . What are your toughts on that?

My opinon ...maybe not  a bad ideal . Knowning that verizon is one of the biggest services around . Think about it, They have phone service, internet, and cable tv.   Sprint  is no way near the compition. JUST LOOK ON THE POST (verizon has the map). Ok i could just go on and on about this but maybe another time lol


                                                 YOUR NXTL FRIEND BD123196


I know this is an older post, but I wanted to add to it. My husband and I have been Nextel users since 1999 and would try other carriers and always go back to Nextel. The talk quality, quality of the phones, and not dealing with dropped calls kept us with Nextel. We were using i880s and loved them so much that we just never upgraded. Then, a few months ago I decided to get into "smart phones" and was going to buy the Nextel Blackberry 8350i. My husband spoke with a Sprint CS Rep and he convinced us (I now know that's their JOB!!!) that we didn't want to do that, that since we hadn't "tried" Sprint in several years that we'd be surprised at how much better it is, and to be able to use text, email, and internet, we should switch to Sprint. So, we both got BB Tours. Love the Tour. But, dropped calls can be crazy!!! We never dealt with this with Nextel.

My husband retired early, last August, from a large corp. that used Nextel DC in their plants and his Nextel phone was doubling nice (and necessary). He was off for a few months after retiring then went to work in a precision tooling company. When he started we were still with Nextel and he had no problems using his i880 near all the electronics. After we switched to Sprint, his Tour would get so hot, bars jumping all around, and would have to go (way) outside just to make a call. Then add the dropped calls. Finally, a couple days ago we paid FP and put him back in a Nextel (Brute). It's a simple phone, but does he ever get great service!!! He, alone, can use his phone at work right around all those electronics. It's clear as a bell. (Other guys he works with with their Sprint, Verizon, AT&T smartphones are thinking about switching to Nextel phones...LOL!!!) And the clear no dropping calls everywhere else is awesome!!! He is SO HAPPY to be back with Nextel! I'm still with the Sprint side, but debating about getting the Motorola i1 when it comes out and going back to a phone that delivers!!! I mean...don't we all REALLY want to TALK on our phones???

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