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No 4G LTE Coverage! Ripoff!


No 4G LTE Coverage! Ripoff!

So I was sold on the Samsung S3 phone. But I guess I should have done my research first. As I went from a 4G phone back to basically a 3G that will only go 4G LTE when I'm in a big city.  I can't even get a regular 4G signal as the phone doesn't support it. This is NUTS!. One would think that at least the sales people would tell you this before buying the phone. That hey yes it's nice and will do all kinds of cool stuff and faster speed but we probably wont be picking up this type of coverage for some time down the line. Whereas Verizon is COMPLETELY 100% 4G LTE!  I feel sooooo f'in ripped off. By time sprint gets around to covering this area I'm sure a new and  better $500 phone will be the answer.  My NEW phone is slower than my old phone from 2 years ago. So annoyed by Sprint. Almost ready to pay the disconnect fee and jump ship. 11 years tooo long.

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