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No Internet in 92501


No Internet in 92501

This happens quite often. Sprint's cellular internet will go down on a Thursday or Friday and return sometime Monday. I can only make and receive calls and text messages during this time. I know the problem is not my Nexus S 4G since pulling the battery does not remedy the problem. Also, the phone fails to update the Profile and PRL when this outage occurs. Why does this outage frequently happen over the weekend?


Re: No Internet in 92501


I do apologize for the issue you are having with your data at this time. From my research this is what I have found:

Customer Impact Submitted. EVDO Connection 9170275 At 2012/06/23 11:28:25 we experienced the following Problem(s) in the Riverside / San Bernardino : Riverside / San Bernardino Market: EVDO Connection (No Service) . 06/23/2012 06:28:00 CST 3 06/24/2012 07:21:23 CST 06/23/2012 07:27:46 CST RV03XC022 Riverside CA 92522

I am not sure why this occurs other than capacity/heavy usage possibly being the culprit. I wish I had an answer for you regarding that. I know this is a great inconvenience for you and we do apologize. The ETR is 06/24/12. If you continue to have this issue after this date, please let us know.


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