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No LTE 4G in Baltimore


No LTE 4G in Baltimore

I upgraded my phone  2 weeks ago and have not been able to connect to LTE at all. Zip codes 21219, 21222, 21237, 21093.  Being told there is an outage thAT is impacting 30 markets but can't find anything about it when searching internet.  Being told there isn't an eta for a fix.  Does anyone in Baltimore have LTE services?


wow, no one  has responded yet? 

i have had the galaxy s3 for 2-3 months, live in baltimore, and have yet to see the lte symbol come up on my phone.  i made sure it was set to lte / cdma.  if anything my reception experience has gotten worse...more dropped calls, noise during calls, etc.  pathetic sprint. 


apparently someone started complaining about this on a different thread before me:  i'll close this 1

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