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No Phone Service for 2 DAYS in St. Petersburg FL 33710-Tower Check


No Phone Service for 2 DAYS in St. Petersburg FL 33710-Tower Check

I have wasted an entire day trying to communicate with Sprint about phone service not working at our house, even when outside. We have 2 different phones on 2 different accounts that do not allow phone service or text messaging to work in our area. No service outage reported all day until we were reported at 8pm. Cross roads are 5th Ave N. and 75th Street N. in St. Petersburg, FL 33710. Was told this may take a couple of days? I don't think so. If I pull into my driveway tomorrow at 5 pm and my service is not restored-then you're contract will be null and I will be a new Verizon customer. I have been with Sprint for over 15 years but  I will not hesitate to leave after the ridiculous turning off and on the phone, updates, resets, etc. nonsense I have endured all day when I TOLD YOU it was Sprint service that is the problem. Check the junky tower like I have suggested all day.

Five o'clock p.m. tomorrow, 9/17/12, or I go to Verizon. My neighbor has Verizon without this kind of aggravation. Clock's ticking.

Also, as a shareholder of Sprint-I will be dumping all my shares tomorrow. This leads me to believe trouble is on the horizon with your service. Especially after reading these discussion boards.


Re: No Phone Service ALL day in 33710-Tower Check


Thank you for using the Sprint Community to report your issues.  First, let me thank you for being with us for 15 years.  That is a very long time to be with any wireless carrier.  I'd love the opportunity to resolve your issue but it may take longer than you're requesting.  I'd like to escalate your issue to our networking technicians for review.  In order to do so, I'll need you to send me some information via private message.

To send a private message:

1.  Click on my name (Below my picture)

2.  Select Send a private message (Under Actions on the far right)

Information needed:

1.  Your phone number and a list of numbers on the account with the same issue

2.  Your first and last name for the record

3.  The approximate date and time the issue first occurred

4.  The physical address where you are experiencing the issue

5.  An alternate contact number (other than the number you're experiencing an issue with)

6.  An email address

The above information will allow be to diagnose and/or escalate the issue if necessary.  Note:  Please only send this information via private message to protect your privacy.  I do hope it's not too late to save you as a customer.  Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Sprint Technical Support

Hours: 9am-8pm CST Sunday-Wednesday


Re: No Phone Service ALL day in 33710-Tower Check

Still without service. Three hours wasted on the phone now without any resolve or estimated resolve. Looks like I need to head to Verizon.

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