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No Service = Bad Service?


No Service = Bad Service?

I am in the Union/Middlesex area in New Jersey and want to know if there have been any outages within the last few days.  I have experienced more dropped calls this week than I have since I've had this phone and it is becoming a nuisance.  Aside from dropped calls, I barely have reception to place a call, send a text or use my browser.  I have restarted, rebooted, etc.  Does anyone know what is going on or is this the bad service from Sprint that I've been warned about?


No Service = Bad Service?

There is an outage that is affecting Union, Elizabeth, Hillside, and Newark NJ. It is still in the repair process with an expected repair date of 8/24/11. If you can pass along your zip code I can better pinpoint any possible outages that might be affecting you.


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