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No Service in Brooklyn


No Service in Brooklyn

i'm near the intersection of Prospect Park West and Prospect Ave in Brooklyn and experiencing either no service or 1 bar at best. calls are frequently dropped and texts aren't going out. i called Customer Support and was told that the network towers were down but would be back at capacity about 2 weeks ago, but the issue persists. please advise.


Re: No Service in Brooklyn


Thank you for using the Sprint Community to report your issues.  I'm very sorry to hear that you're experiencing voice and text issues at your location. A quick review of your location indicates that there are no reported outages and the towers themselves are performing well. I do see those outages that you are referring to but they did clear a few days ago.  That being said, I would still like to investigate your issue.  If you wouldn't mind sending me some information via private message I'll be glad to look into it.

To send a private message:

1.  Click on my name (Below my picture)
2.  Select Send a private message (Under Actions on the far right)

Information needed:

1.  Your first and last name
2.  Your number and other numbers on the account with the same issue
3.  An alternate contact number, other than the number you're experiencing issues with
4.  The approximate date/time that your issue began

5.  Symptoms of your issues and errors if any
6.  The physical address where you most experience the issue
7.  An email address

After reviewing this information, I may need to escalate your issue to our networking technicians.  Note:  Please only send this information via private message to protect your personal information.


Sprint Technical Support
Hours: 9am-8pm CST Sunday-Wednesday

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