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No Sprint Service anywhere near LegoLand Florida


No Sprint Service anywhere near LegoLand Florida

LegoLand Florida opened in mid-October.  Yesterday, December 28th they reached capacity and had to turn people away. We have basically had no service since October 28th.  Yesterday and today we had absolutely NONE.  Sprint says the tower is over capacity and they have now said it should be fixed by Feb. although they keep saying it is fixed periodically, which I can testify that it isn't.  We can't send or receive calls or texts between about 10:30am and 8:30pm.  LegoLand is now so popular that they are opening earlier and closing later which means we have fewer hours where we get any Sprint service at all. The other carriers don't seem to have this issue so it looks like we might all have to switch.  Customer service with Sprint is so hard to get through to and it takes about 2 hours to make a call.  If you are having these same issues take time to call so that hopefully they will see this as a priority and fix the tower.  If you aren't getting calls if you work, live or travel in the area of Legoland, that is why.  When people call our phones they get voicemail.  I try to call out and just get dead air or "Network Busy."  Texts just say not sent and if someone sends me a text, it may take a day to come through.

Sprint keeps saying this issue is fixed but yet the problems remain just the same.  After calling them repeatedly since October 28th, they finally admitted the capacity issue and promised it would be fixed by December.  I called on December 23rd and they said it was fixed.  I told them that it certainly wasn't during my 2 hour call. So they issued another "ticket" on it.  Someone on this forum said it is scheduled to be fixed by Feb 15th?????  Who knows but I do know we can't wait forever with no service and pay $175 a month for nothing.

We need HELP with this now as our cell phones are our only phone.


Re: No Sprint Service anywhere near LegoLand Florida

Yes we can see the usage is over our capacity

We have upgrades scheduled - You can follow the status of updates at

Capacity Upgrades

TypeStatusProject Completion DateEstimated Completion Date
Carrier EVDOApproved--3/31/2012
T1 VoiceApproved--2/27/2012

I have never seen an operational tower with service levels this low - I know this has to be horrible.

Do you have high speed internet for an Airave?



Re: No Sprint Service anywhere near LegoLand Florida

Thank you for your reply Larry.  You are right it is really bad here.  We went to the local grocery store near us and they have no Sprint service there either.  Another rep replied by private message and is going to help us get an airrave.  She said it should work for us and won't mess up our wireless computers.  I hope this helps us have service at home until the tower is upgraded to handle the capacity.  I am disappointed that Sprint didn't prepare for Legoland since it has been planned for over a year.

Thanks again for the information and for caring.

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