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No coverage... PERIOD.


No coverage... PERIOD.

I recently opened a plan with Sprint because it was the only carrier who had good reception where I was relocated to work. I also went online to check the coverage at my new house. It says online that there is good coverage in both areas. I decided to purchase the Iphone4.. I started an account and the phone worked well and I had decent coverage.. All of a sudden I get no coverage at all, I am constantly roaming, text messages fail to send and my calls get dropped. I called Sprint to talk to a representative and he explained to me that it must be my phone. I also went into a store and they explained they could do nothing for me. I had to take my phone to the Apple store. Well I did so and they examined my phone and explained to me that the antenna was working fine and it had to be Sprint. Literally the next day the camera on my phone bugs out so I go back and have a BRAND NEW REPLACEMENT given to me. I activate the phone and low and behold. The same horrible service. It isn't the phone that is messed up... it is the service. On a daily basis I have texts fail to send and no internet connection. Whats the point of paying for a unlimited plan when you cant even check your email? In the last 3 or 4 days my phone will say it has 3G and full bars yet I get a notification that says "cannot connect to network." I have never had problems like this with a cell phone. I switched from Verizon. My contract was up and their service was great except for the location of my new job. Since I work about 45-50 hours a week I realized I needed to switch. HUGE MISTAKE.. I can do absolutely nothing with my phone. Its almost completely useless. I cant stream Pandora without it cutting out a hundred times a song.. I'll roam for almost 15-20 minutes at a time. Sprint includes 450 minutes roaming with the plan.. I wonder why? I can't play games, watch videos on you-tube, send pics... Sometimes I get so angry I just want to say screw it and cancel the plan. Is it right to pay for a service that isn't provided? I guess I will keep calling in hopes someday Sprint might actually help me instead of blaming the phone.. Am I the only one here in San Diego with service like this??

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Re: No coverage... PERIOD.

SloopJimB I recommend that in order for a Sprint Employee to assist you faster to post zip code location of were the problems occur. Now If you have full bars and it say "cannot connect to network" it could be that tower is overloaded or is having problem. Sprint is in the process of upgading it network right no to Network Vison. According to it looks like by the end of 2012 San Diego will have been upgraded to Network Vision. (This is not official. Sprint has not conformed this). Once Network Vision arrives you should see improvement in Network quality and Coverage in 3g and 4g lte will be then arrive. See for more info


Re: No coverage... PERIOD.

SloopJimB - to see what is affecting your data we need some address info.  Just give us a business near you and let us know how far and which direction you are from that address. I have done speed tests where my download was .13 and then done another test about a mile away and had a 1.87 speed. Location is everything so give us an idea of specifically where you are.


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