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No service 35115 - University of Montevallo area.....


No service 35115 - University of Montevallo area.....

Can someone tell me when the tower service will be restored to the 35115 area?  I was told at the store the Sprint towers were damaged in a storm and repaired Thursday night. It is now Friday and NO SERVICE STILL!!! Anyone have an answer????

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Re: No service 35115 - University of Montevallo area.....

Several weeks ago I had no service in 55124 area.  Went to the Sprint store and was told the tower was down due to construction error and there was nothing they could do but wait for the phone company to repair.  After waiting 2 days called Sprint customer service and they didn't show any tower ever being down so  they took down all my info and said it would take up to 72 hours for technical to get back to me.  It was now Sunday and then zap, on Monday morning service was now working. (Technical never called me back.) Now weeks later, the exact same problem is back.  In my case, we have two new iphone 4S.  We can text between any iphones but not to any other phones.  Cannot call out or receive calls from any phone. The first time once we left our home area the features worked.  Haven't been out yet so will see if that's the same case.   The odd thing is my husband has an iphone but through Verizon and he never had a problem with his service at home or anywhere.  If it's a "tower" problem then why did he have service?

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