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No service in Milwaukee/racine Wisconsin area...


No service in Milwaukee/racine Wisconsin area...

Sprint will feel the wrath of a pregnant woman today. I tried customer service via chat yesterday-told him i tried updating my phone and it wouldn't work, told me to contact customer support. Hence why I was online. He tries running me through upgrading the same way i did it...what part of 'IT TOLD ME TO CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT" don't you understand?!?! He then proceeds to tell me service is down, IN THE RACINE AREA. Well-when I was in the sprint store, why didn't the guy tell me that? I wonder if it's because service was just fine. Husband came home and his phone had service. Weird. I am pregnant, ready to pop, and my cell phone is my only device on getting a hold of my husband...this should be interesting. Maybe i'll just go to us cellular or verizon...and i've been a sprint customer for about 8 years and i get told a lie. I am NOT pleased whatsoever...


Re: No service in Milwaukee/racine Wisconsin area...


Sorry you are getting seemingly conflicting communication about your service.  Unfortunately there is an identified service or single site outage in the Milwaukee/Racine area.  Sprint is aware of the issue and has assigned a repair ticket 7099701 for this particular outage.  This ticket covers Zip codes 53403 ,and 53405.  Currently it looks like they are past the Estimated time of Repair on the ticket.   Please feel free to send me a PM if you need further assistance.




Ticket 7099701

We estimate a time to repair of 06/30/2011. This is a capacity issue Carrier EVDO add is expected on 6/30/2011// voice issues still awaiting update from P&E.

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