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No service/network busy in 60441 ZIP? Lockport, il


No service/network busy in 60441 ZIP? Lockport, il

Is it no service or a broken phone???? Ughhh wonderful to have no phone in a snowstorm.


No service in 60441 ZIP?

BLACKzeb, I have located the following outage in your area.

Customer ImpactServices AffectedTicket #Outage DescriptionBegin
Cellsites Affected
Single Cellsite 8566862 At 2012/01/19 22:52:31 we experienced the following Problem(s) in the Chicago : Chicago Market: Single Cellsite (Out of Service) . 01/19/2012 16:52:00 CST 3 01/20/2012 17:17:45 CST 01/19/2012 17:23:27 CST CH03XC693 Lockport IL 60441

I sinceraly apologize for any issues this may be causing. On the up side it seems your phone is not broken.


No service in 60441 ZIP?

It been FOUR days and 60441 is still out with intermittent service! I called everyday and each day is the same answer, it will be fixed by tomorrow. The cs rep said they would give me a 15.00 credit for 4 lines being out?!? 15.00?!? I had to buy a pay as you go phone so I had service in my house! When is this getting fixed???

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