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No throttling BS


No throttling BS

I've been a Sprint customer for several years and until recently my broadband card operated consistantly 7 days a week, except for outages.  Now, it seems that Sprint feels the need to thottle its data transmissions every weekend.  I've been monitoring this situation for weeks taking screen shots of speed tests at evervconcievably time of day and night . There is no doubt that this pattern repeats EVERY WEEKEND . 

If this practice doesn't end I'll be happy to find another provider, because, Sprint's 6  to 19 kb/s  doesn't come close to even matching the pitiful 26.4 kb/s of dial-up .


If you call in we can see if this is really a capacity issue and if an upgrade to the towers is underway in your area.  The speeds you have experienced also depend on data coverage of 1xRtt or EVDO_A .  Dial *2 from a Sprint phone or 888-211-4727 from another line. We need to check if this is being repaired or we can file a ticket.

I assure you the only throttling done in our billing system is when someone has hit 300mb data roaming and that "throttle" is a roaming block.



You might want to save you assurances for the feeble minded. First off, let me explain a few terms I used in my original post "several years "  3 to be more exact, and " weeks " , in this case Specifically 7 weeks. Continuing right along " every concievable "  Imagine if you will EVERY half hour, 24 hours a day and " EVERY WEEKEND " meaning  EVERY WEEKEND !

I am Savvy enough to completely understamd and recognize the difference between EVDO Rev. A and 1xRTT and capable of accessing that Info directly from the device I use. I have on several occasions contacted SPRINT via 888-211 4727 , spoken with customer service as well as the Techs but to no satasfactory ends. A PATTERN which starts Friday Night and runs thru Monday morning is exactly that, a PATTERN , and 7 wekends out of 7 weekends is EVERY WEEKEND , at least since I"ve been Monitoring the problem. The speeds Posted are the actual speed observed NOT  imagined, As of a few minutes ago the actual download speed  was 1.52 mb/s as compared to Last Nights 6 - 19 kb/s .

We live in a very rural area of the desert ( Little Vegitation to obscure the view ) and can see almost every residence within the service area of SPRINT's transmission tower. I point this out because I'm able to see when my neighbors ( Near and Far ) are likely awake &/or using bandwidth. Whether at 9:00 am, 6:00 pm, or 2:30 am  WEEKEND SPEEDS are at the stated 6 - 19 kb/s and WEEKDAY SPEEDS  are in the 54kb/s - 1,5mb/s range depending on the amount of bandwidth traffic. Time of day has little to do with the difference between Weekend and Weekday speeds. Additionally, I have checked out other providers when the situation deteriorates to these minimal levels and their speed seem to be constant around the 1.2 mb/s rate.

Posting this situation is an attempt to get it PROPERLY ADDRESSED, Not a cry for sympathy or search for excuses. FIX THE ISSUE or lose your customers, it's your choice SPRINT. Get-er-done !  If you dare, find an honest Tech and have him/her come to Sandy Valley, Nv. 89019 for a long weekend ( say --- 5'00pm Friday night thru 9:00am Monday morning ) without posting any memo or notice of their actual monitoring schedule so you can see for yourself I'm actually portraying the issue factually. CAUTION; the Tech needs to have the patience of a saint as they will be bored to death waiting for data to load.

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