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No voice or text service but internet works 94566


No voice or text service but internet works 94566

Last Wednesday at work in the Pleasanton area, all of our Sprint phones had no voice or text service but the Internet browsers and app's worked just fine. texts just would not go through and trying to make calls on 3 different phones gave either a network busy or just did nothing. I returned to work Sunday and Monday with no problems and now, Tuesday, we have no voice service again. calls wont go through and it just keeps saying network busy. I have had Sprint for over 4 years now and been working in the same place and this is the first time this has ever happened. When I go home to 94551 the phone works again. I don't see any maintenance being done in this area either. Anyone else having issues in the Bay Area like this? I know its not just me since I have 3 phones on me that dont work and a bunch of other employees also say they cant make any calls.


No voice or text service but internet works 94566


I checked the coverage in that area should be fine now. We had an outage but it was fixed.

Please update profile and update prl, when complete please powercycle device after 45-60 seconds please turn back on.



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