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North East Ohio coverage continues to slide into the abyss


North East Ohio coverage continues to slide into the abyss

I've been a customer for almost two years now...I can have an upgrade next month.  I came to sprint for 4G service, excellent coverage, and to above the lock downs associated with Verizon.  Unfortunately, the way Sprint has been servicing their customers in NE OH, Verizon may be the only way to get coverage, 4G, and consistency.  I've watch the coverage go from spotty issues to everyday bad.

Does anyone else have the same issues in my area?  I know I'm not alone as my daughter and I are both on sprint, and we are the typical commercial...4 people in a car, everyone trying to download the the same joke, and I'm the only one still waiting on my slow connection for the punch line.

What's our future hold for Sprint coverage in NE OH?  Do I stay, or reluctantly go back to the big, red V?  I'm not a complainer...never been much of one, but I had to reach out to the community before I up for another two years.

Thanks for any feedback.


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